BRMEMC.NET Offers the Best in Security Software

There is no single software product that will protect you from every possible malware threat. Individual needs will vary, based on how you use your computer and your level of experience. BRMEMC.NET recommends that every Internet customer have one reliable antivirus software program installed, active and updated at all times. In addition to this we recommend that you have at least one other anti-malware program installed to complement the protection given by your antivirus software.

Choosing the right software can be difficult. The World Wide Web is full of conflicting claims by competing companies. Many of the so called "independent" studies comparing the effectiveness of one product over another are actually financed by the very companies under consideration. The recommendations we make at BRMEMC.NET are born of practical experience. We spend hundreds of hours every month scanning and cleaning infected computers using a variety of products, and we know what works and what doesn't "in the trenches." Malware threats and the response of software companies to counter those threats is a constantly changing landscape. As the effectiveness and reliability of the products we use changes, our recommendations will be updated to reflect those changes.

BRMEMC.NET is not primarily a software vendor. Our main mission is to provide reliable Internet service. Helping our customers maintain a healthy and secure operating system is essential to that mission. As a member of a non-profit corporation, we can offer our customers security tools at a good discount. As a locally based business, we can provide a level of personal, local support not available from software manufacturers.

BRMEMC.NET Recommends:

ViRobot Desktop v5.5

ViRobot has been used on our Security Bench since we began helping secure our customers' computers. Reliable, easy to configure and with a small footprint, ViRobot is a good choice, especially for older computers and those with less than 512 Megabytes of memory.


Note: BRMEMC.NET offers local technical support only for the software that we sell. Refer to the manufacturer for software purchased elsewhere.