*Vista Compatible





Key Features

Provides real-time virus eradication

Automatically detects and eradicates viruses, Trojan horses, and worms in real time

Blocks spyware and adware

Detects and removes spyware, adware, and other malware, such as keystroke loggers

Safeguards desktops from hackers

ViRobot Firewall guards all incoming, outgoing network traffic, and shared folders against hackers and network viruses, and prevents them from accessing your system.

Prevents confidential data theft

ViRobot Firewall intercepts and alerts you of confidential information theft programs by monitoring running processes designed to steal your confidential information such as credit card number, password, and ID number.

Checks email attachments for viruses

ViRobot Desktop 5.5 not only blocks, but also removes infected emails to ensure you with complete protection. This new version provides flexible spam filtering options.

Identifies security vulnerabilities

ViRobot Desktop 5.5 analyzes Windows security vulnerabilities, shared folders, and user accounts. Additionally, this version of ViRobot Desktop 5.0 provides easy access points to Windows security patches.

Monitors instant messenger activities

Feel completely safe while working with instant messages, for your instant message attachments are thoroughly scanned for threats

Provides quick and easy updates

Your system is protected from emergent viruses as ViRobot Desktop 5.0 automatically checks for the latest virus definitions and offers scheduled update options.

Utilizes low system resources

ViRobot Desktop 5.5 uses very low system resources during manual or scheduled scan.

Includes one-year subscription

Along with this product comes 12 months of virus definition updates, and new features as they become available throughout the year

System Requirements

Platform: Windows XP(32-bit)/2000/ME/98
CPU: 500MHz or higher
Memory: 256MB or above
Disk: 300MB of free hard disk space or more
Others: Internet Explorer 5.5 or above
Supported Email Clients: MS Outlook, MS Outlook Express
Supported Instant Messenger: MSN


Pricing Options

1)    $39.95  1 license for 1 PC 

2)    $5.95    Per month for a one year (renewable) subscription to ViRobot plus one free cleaning, update, tune-up every quarter plus free replacement of dialup modem or Ethernet card (one replacement per year.)

If you are currently using ViRobot 4.0 purchased from BRMEMC.NET, you can upgrade to ViRobot 5.5 with a 20% discount. 

Click here to purchase a one year license for ViRobot Desktop 5.5 and receive local technical support and discounts on license renewals.





As technology evolves, so do the threats to your security on the Internet. Global Hauri, maker of ViRobot Desktop 4.0, has kept pace with these changes in their latest edition of ViRobot. BRMEMC.NET has tested this product extensively with the Windows XP operating system. ViRobot Desktop 5.5 continues to demonstrate the protection and reliability we have come to expect from the Global Hauri family of products.

ViRobot Desktop 5.5 is a comprehensive security solution designed to protect workstations against viruses, spyware/adware, confidential data theft, hacker attacks, infected/spam emails, security vulnerabilities, and threats associated with instant messenger activities.

ViRobot Desktop 5.5 offers all-in-one protection by integrating real-time anti-virus scanning, anti-spyware guarding, and effective firewall monitoring features.

-All-in-One Protection

-Virus eradication


-Safeguards desktops from hackers

-Prevents confidential data theft

-Identifies security vulnerabilities

-Checks email attachments for viruses

-Provides quick and easy updates

-Utilizes low system resources

-Includes one-year subscription