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Do NOT give out your email username or password to anyone by email! Brmemc will never ask for your personal account info by email, ever.










The Blue Ridge Mountain EMC has phased out the secondary DNS address of It is replaced with If you have the old DNS address statically set in your router, please change it to the new DNS address. Blue Ridge Mountain EMC new Technical Support hours are as follows: 8am to 10pm Monday thru Saturday, and 10am to 6pm on Sundays.

Internet customers, Please check Static DNS settings= DNS1, DNS2

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Has the speed of your DSL connection diminished lately? Check your line filters and try bypassing your phone line surge protector if you use one. Thunderstorms in the area can damage these items, which can also degrade over time.

Do you use a switch or router to connect more than one computer to your Internet service? If your connection fails, these devices can be responsible. Power cycle (turn off and back on) your switch or router, DSL modem, wireless antenna and computer to begin troubleshooting a connection problem.



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Blue Ridge Mountain EMC Broadband Services will NEVER send unsolicited emails asking you to give or verify personal information online. In addition, the emails we send will never direct you to a website to verify personal information. Also, Blue Ridge Mountain EMC Broadband Services will never ask for account numbers, passwords, credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, or other sensitive information via unsolicited email or by phone. If you have received an email or a phone call like this, do not respond!

Microsoft releases critical updates for Windows operating systems 2000 and above on a regular basis. We strongly recommend that you keep your system current with these security updates. If your system is not configured for automatic updates or if you're not sure, click here.



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