Listed below are ways to setup your computer to use as your Internet Service Provider. Setup Disk (Windows Only)
Insert the setup disk into the CD-ROM drive. It should automatically launch the configuration program. If it doesn't, go to Start then Run and type in D:\SETUP.EXE (substitute the correct CD-ROM drive letter for D if your system has a different drive letter). If you are using the setup diskette go to Start then Run and type in A:\SETUP.EXE.
Click here to download the setup software. Windows operating systems only.
Manually Creating a Dial-up Networking Connection
Windows Operating Systems
Windows 95/98
Windows 2000
Windows ME
Windows XP
Windows Vista

Mac OS

How to Identify your Dialer
Mac OSX Network Panel
Remote Access
Open Transport/PPP 1.x
FreePPP 2.6.2
FreePPP Setup 2.5.x

Wireless Service

  Wireless service is pre-configured by our WiFi Technicians.
DSL Service
  DSL service is pre-configured by our technicians.
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